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What Is A RESELL RIGHTS License?

A Resell Rights License is a way for you to instantly acquire the right to legally duplicate and sell a product. Because someone else has already expended the time and money in creating the product – you just "buy into it" to make money from their efforts. All of my Resell Rights License products are sensibly priced to give you maximum profit.

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How Can You Profit From This Poor Economy?

As you know, FEAR is a powerful motivator. Fear sells! Because of Downsizing and Outsourcing, over EIGHT MILLION people have lost their jobs to cheap labor overseas! The U.S. (and the world) is still in a recession! And this dismal economy is good news for you. This is because many working people are now fearful of losing their jobs. There are more people than ever who desperately want to get products... any products that can quickly teach them how to make money at home.

ALL of these people are very interested in quickly learning practical skills which will help them make extra money.

This website gives you affordable access to BRAND NEW income-producing products that these people want. With over EIGHT MILLION unemployed people looking for help, there is no reason to put off getting the Resell Rights to these profit-generating home business products to help these people (and yourself)!

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Believe it or not, nobody has done this yet, but can you imagine how successful you can be right now offering an income-producing product on the HOME SHOPPING NETWORK? You could get orders for 3,000 or more copies in just 15 minutes! (For example, the "Home Income Money Machine" boxed set retail price is $199.99 times 3,000 copies – do the math!)

CAUTION: If you do this, make sure you have adequate duplication services available to promptly meet demand.

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Getting the Resell Rights License to these products lets you sell retail copies:

If you are a smart person, you will want to quickly get the Resell Rights License to these valuable hit the ground running and ready-to-make-money products.

What Products Are Available?

The following BRAND NEW income-producing home business products are available just for you. First, retail information about each item is described. At the end of the retail description is information about how you can get the Resell Rights License to each one.

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  1. DVD Video:   Lets You Make Over $500 Per Week Adjusting Bicycles
  2. DVD Video:   Make BIG PROFITS Cutting Picture Frame Mats
  3. Help People Get A Job:   Resume Writing & Job Hunting Guide
  4. MP3 Audio:   "How To TRIPLE Your Garage Sale Profits!!"
  5. MP3 Audios:   12 Complete Profitable Home Business Plans
  6. Complete eBay Business:   Includes Hundreds of no-cost items You can Sell for 6-figure income
  7. Download over 200,000 Computer Programs for FREE
  8. Want 35 Pickup Tones On Your 3-Pickup Guitar? (FREE 5-string Banjo & Mandolin chord information available in this link)

  9. Resell Rights Mother-of-All-Offers!

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